The Cauhapé spirit

Cauhapé's approach is special. It involves a unique dialogue with nature to express the quintessence of the typical and forgotten grape varieties of its famous Jurançon appellation.

The Cauhapé spirit

Dialog and secrets with nature

The vegetal

Daily observation of the vine, memory, and experience are the cornerstones of the vineyard’s management. From this osmosis, the vine is sublimated, like a horseman guides his purebred by holding his reins with his fingertips. A new era of vine cultivation is underway at Domaine Cauhapé, with a very strong approach and awareness of the vegetal kingdom.

The winegrower, Henri Ramonteu, is in communion with the plant, which is stimulated and protected with plant extracts. His connection to the plant makes him believe that an intimacy can be established with the vine through messages, positive attitude towards it, and by the vibes one emits. One must always be in a good mood when entering the vineyard. The energies deployed and released in the vineyard will naturally end up in the grapes and subsequently in the wine.

Vineyards of Domaine Cauhapé

The "Mother" Earth

We want the earth to be alive, expressing all of its forces and elements. The vine roots draw from it all of the minerals necessary for its perfect blossoming and for the production of a better vine. The vineyard benefits from an exceptional ecosystem. The vines are perched on the hillside and are bordered by oak and chestnut woods. When autumn comes, we pick magnificent “cèpe” mushrooms that, before being served on our plates, fill the kitchen with their fragrance. It is a "LAND OF REAL TASTE" that expresses unique flavors.

" To listen to nature,
is to engage in a dialogue… "

The earth is not worked; its clay content (up to 39%) and its compactness prohibit any action. On the other hand, the soil’s microbial life is linked to the grass cover, which plays an important agronomic role (respiration by the root tissues, humus produced by the crushing of the shoots and grass). Countless earthworms crisscross the soil; a great deal of work is done to energize the soil (Cauhapé secrets). This is how the vine roots explore the depths of this living earth.

At Cauhapé, it is important that the area under the row be free of grass. We are very sensitive to the fact that, two months before the harvest, the grapes breathe the smell of warm soil. To keep this space free of grass, we innovate by applying foam at 90°C.

Since 2021, the Cauhapé domain is the first to conduct and protect its vineyard by activating its natural defenses through plant extracts (phytotherapy). The plant protects itself by guiding the nature’s forces to act with a total respect for the environment.

" Bordering on perfection, maintaining the mystery
and taking a place in the dreams of amateur."

A daily alchemy

Motivated and involved, the estate’s team participates in the creation of Cauhapé wines. It is a beautiful story of love and passion with the vines that are cultivated, with the grapes that are pressed, with the juices that are fermented, with the barrels that are carefully watched over, with the bottles that are filled. Depending on the vintage, 10 to 12 cuvées are elaborated with this passion.

From yesterday to today...

It is on the lands of "Caussapé", heating feet in Bearnais, currently called "Cauhapé" that the first vines were planted in 1558. Today, the vine is sublimated. From our knowledge and quest for the best, are born wines that reach a very high level of authenticity.

...we imagine for you the wine of tomorrow.

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